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Stampin’ Up!® Butterfly Brilliance and Masking Technique

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday Techniques! Today I am using the Stampin’ Up!® Butterfly Brilliance and Masking Technique. I will be using the Stamparatus and if you do not know what one is, I will show you how the Stamparatus makes stamping a large image very easy.

This gorgeous card is really easy to create. In addition to the Masking Technique, I also used the Tear and Tape with the Gilded Leafing Embellishment which is such an easy way to add a lot of sparkle!


Measurements: Mango Melody Card Stock (CS) card base: 4 1/4 x 11 inches with a score line at 5 1/2 inches; Basic White CS: 6 x 6 inches and 4 x 5 1/4 inches (not pictured).


The Stamparatus is a stamp positioner tool which helps you stamp perfect crisp, dark images every time. The Stamparatus comes with 2 magnets which I have wrapped in Duct Tape to make it easier to pick them up off of the plate. The dark foam mat is to use with the Photopolymer Stamps. The Stamparatus also comes with 2 hinged plates. You may purchase yours HERE.

Stamping with the Stamparatus and the Masking Technique

To begin making this card, adhere some removable sticky note tape in a diagonal across the 6 x 6 inch Basic White CS. Place the Basic White CS on the Stamparatus as shown. Leave a little border around the paper.

Lay the Butterfly Brilliance stamp onto the paper where you want it. Close the hinged plate and press firmly so that the stamp will stick to it.

Open up the hinged plate. Apply the Memento Black ink using a stamp case underneath to help stabilize the opened plate. Close and press firmly all around. This stamp is lighter that I would like, so all I need to do is re-ink the stamp and close the hinge again. It keeps the stamp in perfect alignment.

When the butterflies are stamped dark enough, remove the 6 x 6 Basic White CS and peel the sticky note tape off.

I had started to color in the butterflies but realized I should stamp the sentiment first, in case it did not turn out right. The “Happy Birthday” sentiment is from the Sweet Ice Cream stamp set. The sentiment is stamped in Memento Black ink.

Now use the Stampin’ Blends Alcohol Markers to color the butterflies. These markers are great because they blend together and leave a nicely colored image without any lines where layers overlap. The colors I used are : So Saffron, Daffodil Delight, Mango Melody and Dark Pumpkin Pie.

Gilded Leafing Embellishment Technique

Apply a strip of Tear & Tape to the sides of the sentiment. This is where the Gilded Leafing will stick.

I store my Gilded Leafing in a box about 1/2 the size of a shoe box. I just lay the card on the Gilded Leafing and press down a little.

When you pull it out of the box there will be a lot of Gilded Leafing on the card piece. Just brush it away and then use a Stampin’ Sponge to get all of the small pieces of the Leafing away.

Adhere the stamped and Gilded Butterfly Brilliance card piece to the front of the Mango Melody CS card base. Adhere the 4 x 5 1/4 inch Basic White CS to the inside of the card base.

Viola! You have a beautiful birthday card to send off to some one special. And you learned 2 Techniques!


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Have a great day!


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Gilded Leafing Embellishment- More Techniques for Wacky Wednesday

Stampin’ Up!® Gilded Leafing Embellishment is so fun to use! I introduced the Gilded Leafing last Wednesday and showed a couple of ways to use it. Today I want to expand upon that blog by showing you a few more techniques for using the Gilded Leafing Embellishment.

This card is made using the Meant To Be and Heart to Heart stamp sets which are in the 2020-2021 Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalog. The Heart Punch Pack is also in the Annual Catalog.


Measurements: Merry Merlot Card Stock (CS) card base: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches with a score line at 4 1/4 inches; Very Vanilla CS: 4 x 5 1/4 inches; Merry Merlot CS: 4 x 5 1/4 inches; and Gold Foil Sheets: 1 x 5 inches.

You will also need 3 of the scalloped hearts from the Heart Punch Pack in Merry Merlot.

Additional products and supplies needed include: Versamark ink, a microfiber cloth, a quarter of a Stamping Sponge, a stiff paint brush, a spoon, and the Heat & Stick Powder .

And of course you will need the star of the show- the Gilded Leafing. I have gathered some tips from other demonstrators. One tip is to open the jar and put the Gilded Leafing in a larger container. I just used a container from the dollar store that is about 1/2 of a shoe box in size.

Gilded Leafing with Stamping

The first technique is going to be to use a stamp and the Heat & Stick powder to apply the Gilded Leafing. Stamp the sentiment “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Versamark. Use a spoon to sprinkle some of the Heat & Stick Powder over the sentiment. Shake off the excess. Tip: The size of the font on the sentiment cannot be too thin or much smaller than what I have used.

The next step is to use the Heat Tool to make the Heat & Stick Powder melt. When the white powder melts it turns dark.

Now you can put the heart face down into the Gilded Leafing. Press down slightly. When you pull it out it will have a lot of Gilded Leafing stuck to it.

I brushed of the large pieces with my fingers. (Now my finger tips are gold!) I followed that up with gentle strokes over the sentiment using the Stamping Sponge. Finally I used the microfiber cloth to remove all of the excess Gilded Leafing.

One more piece that requires stamping to apply the Gilded Leafing is the background. The small heart is from the Heart to Heart stamp set. Stamp the heart in Versamark onto the 4 x 5 1/4 inch Merry Merlot CS. Now apply the Heat & Stick power and use the Heat Tool.

Again place the CS with the sticky side face down into the Gilded Leafing and press slightly. Next remove the excess with your fingers, then a Stamping Sponge and finally the microfiber cloth.

Sponging and Gilded Leafing

This is a fun technique which will apply the Gilded Leafing to the edge of the heart. The first step is to apply the Versamark by Sponging it onto the edge. Gently flick the sponge over the edge of the heart. Tip: I cut up the Stamping Sponges until I get a wedge that is an eighth of the sponge. I label the sponge with a square of CS stapled to the top of the sponge wedge.

In order to apply the Gilded Leafing, you will be repeating the procedure described above for the stamping. First you apply the Heat & Stick Powder and use the Heat Tool to melt it. Then you place the heart face down in the Gilded Leafing. Lastly, remove the excess Gilded Leafing with the Stamping Sponge then the microfiber cloth. Now you have a really pretty border around the CS heart.

Gilded Leafing with the Versamark Pad

This time I used the pad of the Versamark to apply a layer of Versamark evenly over the whole heart.

I repeated the procedure above, namely, apply the Heat & Stick Powder, melt it with the Heat Tool, place face down in the container of Gilded Leafing, and remove the excess. Here is the final result! Now I have even more Gilded Leafing on my fingers and everywhere else! Not quite as bad as glitter though.

In summary, now you have a heart with the Gilded Leafing applied with a stamp, one with sponging and one using the whole pad of Versamark.

Putting It All Together

The first step in putting the card together is to adhere the Very Vanilla CS to the inside of the Merry Merlot CS card base. Next adhere the 4 x 5 1/4 inch Merry Merlot CS to the front of the Merry Merlot CS card base. Use your Paper Snips to cut the banner end on the 1 x 5 inch strip of Gold Foil. Now apply Stampin’ Dimensionals to the back of the Gold Foil card piece and adhere it to the card front. The final step is to arrange the hearts as you like and adhere them to the Gold Foil. This is one version I came up with.

Here is the second version that has the Gold Foil strip on a diagonal and the hearts arranged in a cluster.

Viola! You have learned 3 more techniques to use with the Gilded Leafing and have versions of the card to try!

Thanks for coming by today. I hope you are able to experiment with the Gilded Leafing Embellishment soon. If you figure out any new ways to use the Gilded Leafing, please let me know in the comments.


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I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Stampin’ Up!® Art Gallery & Gilded Leafing Technique

Hello and welcome to my Wacky Wednesday series! Today I will use the Stampin’ Up!® Art Gallery stamp set, Fine Art floral Designer Series Paper (DSP) and Gilded Leafing- all of which are in the Fine Art Floral Suite in the 2021 January-June Stampin’ Up!® Mini Catalog. I will be showing you 2 ways to apply the Gilded Leafing to you card.

The Gilded Leafing produces a bright gold shine! This really makes a plain card look more elegant.

Measurements & Supplies

Measurements: Poppy Parade Card Stock (CS) card base: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches with a score line at 4 1/4 inches; Basic White CS: 2 1/2 x 4 inches and 5/8 x 3 1/2 inches; Fine Art Floral DSP: 4 x 5 1/4 inches.

You will also need the Gilded Leafing, Heat & Stick Powder, a heat tool and Versamark ink.

Tip: I find it a lot easier to use the Heat & Stick Powder if it is in a container. I found this container at the local dollar store.


To begin stamping, use the Poppy Parade ink to stamp the sentiment “I’m thinking of you” onto the 5/8 x 3 1/2 inch Basic White CS. Tip: Use the Stampin’ Pierce mat or a catalog to stamp on with the clear Photopolymer stamps to get the best image.

Next we will be stamping the floral bouquet. In order to apply 2 different colors of ink to the stamp, I first use the edge of the Bumble Bee ink stamp pad. I try to avoid getting the Bumble Bee ink on the leaf and stem.

Next I use the Mossy Meadow ink. Again using the edge of the stamp pad, apply the Mossy Meadow only to the leaf and stem.

Viola! You have a two color stamp. I did get a little of the Mossy Meadow on the base of the middle flower, but I don’t think it will be noticeable after it is all said and done.

The floral bouquet is a two step stamp. Stamp the second layer of the flowers with Poppy Parade ink.

Complete the stamping by heat-setting the stamped image. This will prevent the Heat & Stick powder from sticking to any residual wet ink on the flowers.

Heat & Stick Technique for Applying Gilded Leafing

Carefully open the jar of Gilded Leafing as it may expand a little and pop out of the container. Sara Douglas, the CEO of Stampin’ Up!® recommends pouring the Gold Leafing into a larger container- shoe box size is what she recommended but I was able to use a half shoe box sized container with plenty of space to spare.

The first way to apply the Gilded Leafing is as follows. First use an Embossing Buddy to decrease the static and absorb any oil from your finger prints. Using the second layer of the flowers on the floral bouquet, stamp in Versamark ink so that the Versamark is not directly over the top of the Poppy Parade stamped image.

Next you will apply the Heat & Stick Powder which will stick to the Versamark ink. Lastly, to activate the Heat & Stick Powder, apply the heat tool until the powder is clear.

Now you will gently lay the Gilded Leafing on top of the areas with the Heat & Stick powder. Press firmly.

Holding the card piece over the container of Gilded Leafing, gently rub off the areas that are not stuck to the Heat & Stick powder. You may also use a soft paint brush or sponge to accomplish this. How beautiful and shiny!

Tear & Tape Technique for Applying Gilded Leafing

The second way to apply the Gilded Leafing is to use the Tear & Tape Adhesive. This is a very strong double stick tape that is very easy to tear off.

First you will apply the Tear & Tape around the edge of the front of the Poppy Parade card base as shown. Press firmly to ensure that the adhesive is adhered.

The best way to remove the protective layer is with the Take Your Pick tool. Slide the pick side under the protective layer and lift. Now you can pull the protective layer off easily.

Gently lay pieces of the Gilded Leafing on top of the Tear & Tape and press firmly until you have the edges covered.

Gently remove the excess Gilded Leafing. Pretty messy! Is this more messy than glitter?

Putting It All Together

To start putting the card together, adhere the 4 x 5 1/4 inch Fine Art Floral DSP to the front of the Gilded Poppy Parade card base.

Next apply Stampin’ Dimensionals to the back of the stamped floral bouquet. Adhere the card piece to the left side of the card front.

To finish up, trim the sentiment to about 3 inches and cut a banner end.

Apply the sentiment to the card front using a Stampin’ Dimensional on the right-hand side and adhesive on the left-hand side.


Now for the Bling!

The Gilded Gems are the perfect Bling! for this card. Tip: use the Take Your Pick tool to easily transfer the gems to your card.

Viola! What a gorgeous shiny gold card! And you learned 2 ways to apply the new Gilded Leafing!

Thanks so much for visiting my first in my Wacky Wednesday Technique series. Join me each Wednesday for a new technique!

If you need to purchase any of the supplies needed for this card, just click on any photo below and you will be connected to my Online Store.

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Have a most wonderful day! Happy crafting!